Tuesday, July 13

Heart Matters

I want the next step for my future and my families future on His timeline not my own but I also don’t want to delay His timeline. I know God has a bigger purpose for our lives than what we are currently residing in. I know whatever the future holds for my family it will happen when we are ready for it and it is ready for us. Everything in our lives so far has happened on His timeline and has been right! I believe my marriage is a perfect example of this. My husband and I were friends for over twelve months before we became more. I recently read over a letter I had written to God about when I discovered my heart had feelings for Matthew. You see at the time I knew the chances of Matthew having the same feelings were slim. I asked God to either remove those feelings from my heart or place them in Matthew’s because I could not lose my best friend. When we were ready to see each other as more than just friends it happened but that’s because it truly happened on God’s timeline. I laugh when I think of how little faith I have or how difficult it is to hand things over to Him when I know the only reason Matthew is in my life is because I was able to trust in God and give that care completely to Him. Matthew is the biggest blessing in my life and I was able to hand that care over so why not everything else? Perhaps because that was a heart matter and my heart can do that but anything that is also a head matter I have difficulty with. So do we need to turn everything in to heart matters only? If you think about it the Bible states how important it is to do things with your heart repeatedly. “The desires of your heart will be given unto you…” Love is all though out the Bible and how important Love is. Where do you think of love residing and coming from, the heart. If your heart is in the right place, if you allow your heart to lead you, your path will be right.

What is the heart I’m talking of? It’s the heart of God. It’s the heart God wants you to have, and the heart that forms as you cling to Him. The closer you are to God, the more your life is transformed and that begins with the heart. The worst sin is to harden you heart against God, so opening your heart completely to God can only do you good! The big question is will you allow yourself to do that, will you be okay with making yourself that vulnerable? Can you release that amount of control to your Heavenly Father? Can you trust Him like that? Most will have a struggle with that, they have been hurt by various people and organizations (including churches) to the extent this is something that will be a constant struggle, but isn’t it a constant struggle we need to endure? Isn’t this our life’s journey more than anything else, to completely and utterly give our heart to God? I believe when you have done that everything in life will be easy because the level of trust you have in God will be uniquely yours a level few obtain and yet all should seek. This level of trust will impact the level of faith you have thus you are able to believe in God for all things because you first opened your heart to God!

So reader, I’m asking the same questions of myself, have you opened your heart to God completely? If not what is standing in the way and how will you tear down those walls so you can?

Thursday, July 8

“Our house is built upon the rocks, now we must build the surrounding gate.”

Psalm 91

God gave me this word of wisdom on May 10, after my husband and I had gotten in an argument. The only reason we got in an argument was because we had both let our defenses down.

My husband had let his defenses down by “quitting.” After applying for several jobs and being turned down he was hurt and upset with God so he stopped. He stopped praying, looking to the scripture, even talking casually with God. We’ve all done this at one time or another and know exactly how it feels. For one reason or another we stop with God because we feel as if He has stopped with us, but that is where we make our mistake God never stops with us. He always wants the best for us and will always want us to be in close relationship with Him.

I had let my defenses down by sheer laziness and stubbornness. I was tired of doing it alone. My husband always does things on his own timeline so I felt as if I was going alone. I also felt alone because I questioned everything the Spirit gave me since I was wrong last time. I didn’t want to put the work in anymore, which was wrong of me. God’s word warns us of slothfulness for a reason.

We stopped focusing on Him and the devil got in to our thought life and roamed free.

My husband and I are built upon the rocks for several reasons. First, we were raised in Jesus loving families. While the doctrine we were raised with was very different, we both grew up believing in Christ and loving him. Second, we have given our lives over to him. We both were baptized and believe in what that represents. Dying with Christ, being raised up with Christ as new beings cleansed of our sins. Third, our consciences haunt us when we do things wrong and we know what is right. Ultimately I believe God is our conscience, the closer we are to the things of God the greater strength our conscience has over us. Because of these three things, anytime we get close to running from the things of God or turning away one of these things stops us. We know we can’t, we shouldn’t or ultimately deep down we don’t want to.

So what does it mean to “now build the surrounding gate?” For us this is spiritual. This is digging further into the things of God, seeking Him and staying focused on Him so the devil cannot get in to our thought life or our lives in any way.

  1. We must seek Him through His Word.
  2. We must be in constant communication with Him, keeping our minds focused on Him and open to His voice if He speaks.
  3. Have an active and focused prayer life. Following Jesus’ example to offer up prayer. (Hebrews 5:7)
  4. Spending time each day worshiping Him and thanking Him.

Tuesday, July 6

Do you have faith God has your back?

In life who do you trust the most; consider your most dependent friend, who do you confide in? Most would list off their spouse, best friend, significant other, etc. but shouldn’t we instead by saying God? Shouldn’t God be the one we continually go back to for advice, comfort, strength and confidence?

We are hurt by our spouses and friends over the course of our lifetime and yet we continually forgive and go back to them. Sometimes it’s an unhealthy relationship of pain and other times it’s blessed by God and extremely healthy but either way things happen, we get hurt and forgive. Ultimately it’s because even if you are seeking God and striving for righteousness you still fall into sin and hurt others.

God is righteous, He is trustworthily, He is our protector, yet when He hurts us or we think He has done wrong against us we instantly turn away giving Him no time to explain, to pull us closer and hug us, to lift us up. His word repeatedly shows us his trustworthiness and promises of protection. “God is faithful (reliable, trustworthy, and therefore ever true to His promise, and He can be depended on); by Him you were called into companionship and participation with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord,” reads 1Corinthians 1:9 of the Amplified. “He can be depended on,” I love that part, when I read that it means I will always have someone’s shoulder to cry on, someone to lean on. When we are let down by God, is it really God who let us down or ourselves? Let me explain myself, what I mean by this is did we believe or want something that didn’t line up with God’s word thus He wouldn’t provide it or did we lose faith somewhere along the way that God could provide it for us thus limiting God? God always has our best interest at heart that has to be solidified in your heart by further reading of His word. “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful,” Hebrews 10:23. This conclusion was not easy for me to come too, I had to be humbled by God on many occasions and have the workings of the Holy Spirit to come to this. You see I went up for much better job, I prayed about it and felt that it was right. Everything was going successful, testing, interview, everything but when it finally came down to it I didn’t get it. This was really hard for me because I truly believed I had heard from the Holy Spirit, had others tell me the same thing and yet I didn’t get it. While I had prayed about it and even perhaps did hear that it was mine, I wanted it for the wrong reasons and for that God couldn’t provide. It was a position of greater influence and pay; I looked on that too much instead of depending on God to provide. While I tried to believe His promises in Luke 12:24 which says “Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap; they have no storeroom nor barn and yet God feeds them; how much more valuable you are than the birds!” I had lost sight of that and lost faith in that, I was believing too much on myself and seeing the possibilities of providing for my family than God as my provider. I also sought after the power; I have always wanted a position of power so I could make change happen. The other night while in Bible study with my husband the Holy Spirit gave me a revelation, “You have always wanted a position of power to make change happen, but as a believer in Christ Jesus you already have the power to make change happen because you have the power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.” It took months after the event of losing that job opportunity for my heart to open enough for God to give me this, to show me why that job wasn’t part of His plan for my life but part of my own.

God’s word gives us multiple examples and promises of His faithfulness towards us. All of Hebrews 11 is about our faith in God and how He is faithful to us, He provides and protects whether it’s being able to conceive as Sarah, being led through the wilderness and fed even when food was not present as Abraham or Noah being warned and prepared for the flood. God provided and protected, He was faithful to all of those people and is still faithful to us today as long as we have faith in Him and declare Him as Lord of our lives. The question is whether you can have that level of faith, the level of faith as defined in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, and conviction of things not seen.” Can you believe in God, Father, Son and Spirit without seeing them but only seeing their mighty works no matter how small they may be? Can you free yourself of the worldly mindset and pick-up the mindset of God? Can you believe and KNOW Isaiah 54:15 to be true, “If anyone fiercely assails you it will not be from Me…” God not only has our back, He is standing in front of us with a sword of Glory, Might and Majesty fighting for us every time. Without that we would crumble like dust.