Thursday, July 8

“Our house is built upon the rocks, now we must build the surrounding gate.”

Psalm 91

God gave me this word of wisdom on May 10, after my husband and I had gotten in an argument. The only reason we got in an argument was because we had both let our defenses down.

My husband had let his defenses down by “quitting.” After applying for several jobs and being turned down he was hurt and upset with God so he stopped. He stopped praying, looking to the scripture, even talking casually with God. We’ve all done this at one time or another and know exactly how it feels. For one reason or another we stop with God because we feel as if He has stopped with us, but that is where we make our mistake God never stops with us. He always wants the best for us and will always want us to be in close relationship with Him.

I had let my defenses down by sheer laziness and stubbornness. I was tired of doing it alone. My husband always does things on his own timeline so I felt as if I was going alone. I also felt alone because I questioned everything the Spirit gave me since I was wrong last time. I didn’t want to put the work in anymore, which was wrong of me. God’s word warns us of slothfulness for a reason.

We stopped focusing on Him and the devil got in to our thought life and roamed free.

My husband and I are built upon the rocks for several reasons. First, we were raised in Jesus loving families. While the doctrine we were raised with was very different, we both grew up believing in Christ and loving him. Second, we have given our lives over to him. We both were baptized and believe in what that represents. Dying with Christ, being raised up with Christ as new beings cleansed of our sins. Third, our consciences haunt us when we do things wrong and we know what is right. Ultimately I believe God is our conscience, the closer we are to the things of God the greater strength our conscience has over us. Because of these three things, anytime we get close to running from the things of God or turning away one of these things stops us. We know we can’t, we shouldn’t or ultimately deep down we don’t want to.

So what does it mean to “now build the surrounding gate?” For us this is spiritual. This is digging further into the things of God, seeking Him and staying focused on Him so the devil cannot get in to our thought life or our lives in any way.

  1. We must seek Him through His Word.
  2. We must be in constant communication with Him, keeping our minds focused on Him and open to His voice if He speaks.
  3. Have an active and focused prayer life. Following Jesus’ example to offer up prayer. (Hebrews 5:7)
  4. Spending time each day worshiping Him and thanking Him.

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