Friday, October 29

How He's Working in These Last Days...

I felt compelled to blog this morning after I received a text from a dear friend who received the following from her sister:

"Pray for me today as often as you can... I don't know about what just do it. A lady just pulled up behind my company truck handed me her ipod said listen to this song but not until I drive away. God wants you to know something. Keep my ipod and pray... The first song was Matt Redman, You never let go..."

The song is in my playlist below.

This young woman isn't saved, she walked away from God some years ago. In these last days He is working faster than ever before to pull those who have walked away from Him back, pull those of us who know Him closer, and bring all those who don't know Him to Him. I pray when He asks me to do something bold for Him I'll do it without question, for we don't always know or see how it will touch a life. I've always been hesitant to speak about faith and God to those that don't believe because so many from "The Church" have done so without grace before me and caused people to turn from Him instead of to Him. I can no longer have those hesitant feelings but instead believe He will guide me to those that are opening their hearts and give me grace while doing His work and stepping out in faith with boldness.

Will you join me?

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