Wednesday, October 20

When age gets in the way?

What happens when you find at every turn your age stands in your way? You have a heart to serve and yet people don’t give you a chance because they think you’re too young and don’t respect you. You apply for a bigger job but are questioned with how old you are and how little experience you have just by your date of birth. I feel like so many areas of my life has led me to mature faster than others, I’ve been told I have so much to give and yet because of a number I’m talked over, ignored and not respected. When do I shout to get them to pay attention to me and when do I sit back knowing that my time will come and it when it does I refuse to do what they have done to me. Shut me down because of numbers on a page. I’m someone who has so much love to give and yet can’t be heard by some because they know the year I was born. When do I gracefully slip into the back and when do I stand and shout making them listen. I pray God will show me how to be heard by those that can’t see past a number.

My latest mountain that I must move by the power God has given me through His son Jesus

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