Sunday, January 9

The part that sucks...

So starting off the New Years in my family wasn't the fresh, clean, joyous event we all had hoped for. On Monday afternoon we found out my husbands great aunt and grandma had been in a car accident. His aunt passed that evening, his grandma was flown to a hospital in Dallas where she joined her King Friday evening. The last week has been a blur even for me, I can't begin to comprehend how it has been for those directly involved. A year ago November I saw my mom grieve a dear friend.

I don't think there is anything that can be spoken to prepare someone for this period in your life where you begin to see people go. IT SUCKS! While part of me is happy because I know the people that have gone have known Jesus and been followers of Him so are now with Him, perfect, dancing with the King of kings and Lord of lords. I'm also sad that I'm now old enough to see people go that are more than likely emotionally close to me. THIS SUCKS! I'm sure there is a better word than sucks but that is the one that first comes to mind!

This is the part of adulthood that no one tells you about, no one can prepare you for and that totally and completely sucks! The one thing that I do know is in the darkness that comes after you have had a great lose the only one that can possibly bring light is God. He is your rock and your fortress, He is the one that will bring comfort into your heart when nothing else will do!

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