Sunday, January 2

When did I become an ADULT?!

I've debated the last several days if I'd write a blog entry for the new year and if so what would I say, most I've read (I often blog surf, my husband says I blog stock) review goals for the new year. I think I will too of sorts, it's a good place to be held accountable...if anyone reads it.

Goal 1
The goal I've had for years now is to lose weight. I've changed it to get healthy. I've been on diets with my mom since I was 12, when she was on one so was I. I've done Weight Watchers, calorie counts, Atkins, Low Carb-South Beach, no sweets etc. I've always had difficulty loosing weight, my mom would drop 30 lbs. and drop two pants sizes, I would drop 30 lbs and not see any difference except in my fingers and toes. Talk about discouraging, I know everyone is different but give me a break! So I've decided to just focus on health, I know weight will drop when I do this but I don't care about my pants size anymore I care about making God proud because i'm finally treating my body as the temple he instructs me to treat it as. My goal is to learn better portion control to the point someone could wave a chocolate bar in my face and I wouldn't touch it. To see sweets as treats not three times a day necessities. I'm also planning on hitting the gym at least 3 times a week if not more for at least 30 min a time with my husband. No more whining and making him drag me (note: I've asked my husband to drag me, he loves me exactly as I am and wouldn't say anything if I didn't ask him to) but being excited to go knowing I'm getting healthy!

Goal 2
Stay disciplined in the small things as well as the big ones. It's finally hit me that I'm officially an adult and better start acting like one, being more disciplined in taking care of myself. That means flossing everyday, taking my vitamins, putting my clothes away and picking up after myself. Ugh...when did college end?

Goal 3
Pray without ceasing. I want to be so tuned in with God and the Holy Spirit I talk with them through out the day. I'm in a state of prayer while doing things that I don't need brain power for (coping, scanning, filing). I use my lunch breaks to read the Bible or encouraging words from other pastors and am so in love with God people notice the change in me and how I handle myself.
I used to get called an old soul a lot when I was a kid because I'd listen and normally say something no one ever expected from me because of my age. I was quite, a leader, teachers pet. Some where along the way of trying to find out who I was I lost some of that quite goodness. I want to be someone that people respect, look up to and turn to for advice. I don't want to say anything people will role their eyes at. I'm not sure if that's really something people do but I want to refocus to be quite until I have something good to say.

Goal 4
Obey God! Don't worry or fret, take one day at a time and live in His light where I have peace and joy! If something bad happens I want to turn to God first always instead of freaking out or starting to cry. Whether that "bad" thing is car trouble, money issues, death...whatever I want to be so focused on God that doesn't distract me or overtake me but instead I turn to God in prayer seeking Him in all things.

Goal 5
Organize but not to the annoying point my husband wants to get out of the house because I'm not fun to be around. I'm a little OCD, I like things clean and neat. If I had the money or resources my closets would look like Martha Stewarts, I'd have a label maker and everything! The thought of that makes me happy, a little giddy. It also has in the past driven my husband nuts and to the point he wants to leave and come back when I'm done because I'm not fun to be around. Part of it is I don't have the money to make things look like I want them but that shouldn't affect me! I can still organize and I'm creative so I can use things that I've got. So my goal is to organize while having fun. NO MORE STRESS

Goal 6
Blog more, not sure if I want to do it everyday but maybe every week, after my bible time on Saturday mornings sound good, or Sunday nights before my prayer time.

Now to focus on keeping all these, I know I can as long as I stay determined. No more flaking out, no more brushing it off letting myself get away with stuff. I'm not in college any more. I'm married, I'm an adult it's time to start acting like one and taking care of myself like God would want me to. Off to spend some personal time with God! Until next time if anyone is listening...

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