Sunday, July 3

America, Where Are You Going?

God put a spot on my heart that I've questioned more than once but once again today at church I was reminded I have a special spot for America, it's still there and always will be. As our pastor talked of the Church in America and our role as christians to pray for this nation, tears welled in my eyes.

I was a History and Political Science double major in college. I'm not good with dates so don't ask, it was the stories I preferred. Knowing where we've come from, what we've accomplished and how that will, whether we like it or not impact our future. I also enjoy politics, not the ones you find in the office but the ones that create this nation! I look at our country today and my heart aches. We have come so far and yet it seems as if we are falling to our knees and I'm afraid we won't be getting up for some time. When people say our nation was founded by Christians, they are wrong and right. Some of those great men where believers and some deists (go look it up, learn something today), while others where atheists but still recognized that some Biblical principles were good. All of that said, we can not deny our nation began with Biblical principles as the foundation.

It hurts to look around and see how far we have turned from those Biblical principles. The sermon touched me today because of that special spot on my heart God has placed there. While missionaries are called to far off regions of the world I've been called to always keep our country on my mind. So I pray that every person that reads this would take even a couple minutes of their day to pray for her, OUR NATION. Pray that your brothers and sisters in Christ would do the same. Pray that our elected and appointed officials on all levels would be touched by the Holy Spirit and led by God in every decision they make. Pray that we, all Christians no matter what denomination would wake up look around and let God changes us radically from the inside out. No longer giving into our selfish flesh but doing His will. Think how different our nation would be if we, all Christians in the U.S. actually lived out what we believed and heard preached on Sunday!

As we celebrate freedom tomorrow remember to pray, as elections come up get involved find out who the candidates are and pray about who you should vote for. Ignorance and lack of participation is what got us to this point, let's make sure it doesn't keep us here. While men and women fight for the freedoms we cherish abroad, lets fight for those same freedoms on our knees, lifting this nation up to God and asking for His help and direction!