Thursday, September 15

So in love

Just a quick post. I've wanted to post for the last two weeks but have been fighting off an awful bug so between sleeping and laying around resting, my fingers haven't wanted to do much of anything even though my brain has been going on about something to write.

This morning I read this blog which totally spoke to my heart. I'll celebrate my third wedding anniversary in October and while some days feels like I was holding his hand at the alter just yesterday other days I can't imagine or even think of life without him. My man is amazing, last night we were both feeling a bit off. Two weeks of me being under the weather spending most of my time in bed meant we hadn't spent much time talking and just hanging out. We both agreed it was time to turn everything off and sit together with candles lit, a cup of tea and chat. He told me last night, "I married you because you're my buddy, everything else is just a perk I get." Those words are precious to me, my best friend is the one I get to sleep next to every night and spend the rest of my life with and I LOVE THAT! Reading that blog post this morning put words to paper in the most poetic way that is exactly what I was and have been feeling. Some of my most favorite time with him is every morning. We purposely set the alarm early so we can hit snooze and roll over and cuddle with each other. Every morning when he wraps his arm around me and pulls me in close is precious time to me. Coming from a broken home has added some hurdles to climb over in my own marriage but each one has been worth it. Knowing that my man and I have something so strong thanks to God we will be together forever, is a comfort, a cherished knowing! As our anniversary approaches my heart fills with even more love for him, even more gratitude for all he does for me (and the man does A LOT), and so much thankfulness to God for bringing us together, building us up on a foundation of Him and giving us the deep KNOWING this marriage will last our lifetimes.

Okay I'm done being mushy... hopefully I'll be back this weekend with more of what God has taught me and what life has happened. If I'm not it's only because of all the catch-up I have to play due to being half out of it on cold meds for the last two weeks.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Your husband sounds wonderful. I love the story of your love and I love how it has grown over the last 3 years. Marriage is a funny thing. I am glad it is working so well for you. I hope your bug goes away soon.

    Love, Becky