Saturday, December 24

Chocolate, Christmas Movies, Lights, Smiles


Last night my wonderful hubby did a great job at cheering me up. Determined to not let that "stuff" ruin my Christmas. We watched a Christmas episode of Frasier on Netflix, forgot how much I like that show. Then we went for a drive looking at lights, I didn't want it to end! Now on to cleaning the house, making the food and celebrating! Thought I'd add a few photos of our decorations, we changed colors this year so I had to improvise on a tight budget.It turned out pretty good, I already know what I want to change/add next year. I found glass Coke bottles at a store near by, I'd like to use a glass cutting technique I found online and make them into votive holders. Add a few big frames spray painted green and red and white/gold, fill one with a black and white family photo and call it good! I'm already excited for that! I dread taking the decorations down it's always so plain then.
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! Praying nothing gets in the way of celebrating with family and friends!

Wednesday, December 14

Fall Photos...I'm a bit behind

Okay so before my laptop battery dies... here are the photos I've been meaning to put up since I did our fall decor, I went for simple. The green photo frames and sign will stay up all year but the vases I've since turned into Christmas... I'll get those up at some point maybe this weekend...