Saturday, December 24

Chocolate, Christmas Movies, Lights, Smiles


Last night my wonderful hubby did a great job at cheering me up. Determined to not let that "stuff" ruin my Christmas. We watched a Christmas episode of Frasier on Netflix, forgot how much I like that show. Then we went for a drive looking at lights, I didn't want it to end! Now on to cleaning the house, making the food and celebrating! Thought I'd add a few photos of our decorations, we changed colors this year so I had to improvise on a tight budget.It turned out pretty good, I already know what I want to change/add next year. I found glass Coke bottles at a store near by, I'd like to use a glass cutting technique I found online and make them into votive holders. Add a few big frames spray painted green and red and white/gold, fill one with a black and white family photo and call it good! I'm already excited for that! I dread taking the decorations down it's always so plain then.
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! Praying nothing gets in the way of celebrating with family and friends!

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