Monday, January 2

The First Monday

I'm going to try this, not sure how well I'll do or if I'll hit every Monday but out of all the things people post and the way people post Miscellaneous Monday has felt the most like me. Random, rambling and covering various topics all at one time.

1. I have quite a lot to do but wanted to start so here I am. I'm a master at procrastination.

2. My weekend started with unscheduled time and as things went we ended up spending new years with friends, shared a few special moments and like normal, us girls passed out multiple times before midnight.

3. Spent several hours watching our friends two adorable little girls. It was fun to babysit, letting the almost 4 year old "do" my hair...I said no to the pink boa though...still can't stand flaming pink.

4. So grateful that piano music relaxes me, so enjoy having it on in the background right now! Piano music and my new Sarah Hart Pearsons cd. Something about having it on in the background even if I'm not actively listening to it puts me at peace! She is definitely one anointed person!

5. Am so thankful and blessed that I have a girlfriend in my life again. One that I can share stuff with, one that shares stuff with me. That we compliment each other so well. So grateful of how God has orchestrated our friendship! So nice that I can spend 5 hours in a coffee shop gabbing with her long after the coffee cups are empty and multiple sets of people have come and go around us. Yes 5 hours, so glad I have someone that I can spend 5 hours with and it seems like 30 minutes.

Okay have to get back to the many other things before bed calls me to sleep.

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