Monday, January 9

Miscellany Monday

1. We hooked my laptop up to our big tv and put the tv back in the living room after starring at a pic of the mountains for a couple days I copied a fb friends pic of the beach. This is now what I see when I turn the tv on... so much better!
2. We had a great pastor visit the youth group we help out with last night. Great sermon, amazing words spoken over all of us! While my hubby and I don't think this church is a permanent home I am glad God has us there for now!

3. I finally got an invite to pinterest, I'm not sure I want to know how much time I've spent on there already. It's addicting! It's also really giving me a desire to redecorate our apt. I'm also praying in the near future we'll have a house to decorate.

4. I really want a house, I've been praying about it. I don't feel like we should buy yet but renting one would be nice. Hard wood floors, a fire place and a dishwasher and NO MOLD would be nice.

5. I grew up in the pacific northwest, I really really enjoy the beauty we have here but the constant dampness = mold in old apartments that don't have good seals on windows and aren't properly insulated. I'm considering buying stock in bleach!

6. I've been really good about taking my iron supplements and my energy level is finally back to normal! I can go and go and go, it's great! I'm still believing in God that one day soon I'll be able to stop taking them! I'm thankful I no longer want to sleep for 15 hours a day.

7. Thankful for the large bowl of fruit sitting on our dinning table and our determination to eat better. I'll still eat chocolate and chips but the desire to eat them is a lot less! Praise Jesus because I need His help lightening up on the carbs!

8. Excited for this Friday, working part time from home then the rest of the day off followed by an over-nighter with the junior and seniors at our church getting serious with God and what He's doing! Then lunch/dinner with friends and back home for Sunday service! Busy but oh so much fun! Oh and Monday off, Thank you Mr. King or whatever legislature member suggested it be a national holiday!

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