Monday, July 9

Waiting has to be the hardest part

Okay so I can't write long or even write all I want to about how faithful God has been. Let's just say every need that has come up has been met and those that haven't well I know in time listening to God they will be. Now I just need patience and lots of it as I still have a little over half of this pregnancy to go before I'm able to meet my little guy. I can't wait! Okay I can, I just wish I didn't have to. I think I've felt him moving several times now. Being a first time mom, I'm not a hundred percent sure but they say it's like little butterflys and I've definately felt that. Not all the time and usually days apart but when I do I can't help but slow down, smile and enjoy every second that I can feel him in there. Every time I see newborn photos I get slightly jealous as I so wish he was in my arms already! I know that first snuggle with him will be amazing, so joy filled and I look forward to it with everything I am! Now just 6 more months of being faithful, having faith that God will provide a way for me to take more than 4 weeks off with him. Still waiting to hear from the Lord about a ministry job for my hubby and where we should apartment hunt or if we're meant to stay where we are for another year. I could use a relocation but would be happy to stay in WA for another little bit. I'll go where ever He leads, and so grateful that He's taking care of my little one. So look forward to December 22 or the weeks around there. Oh how much I want to hold him already! Patience is the hardest part!!

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