Sunday, September 9

the Little things

It's the little things sometimes that keep me going, hoping, my faith growing. We are at such an odd place in life, and ministry right now. I feel like God is slowly cutting all the strings, getting us untied and ready to leave at a moments notice. I know He has a plan and it's a great one but in the meantime it's awkward at times and lonely. So it's been in the little things I've taken comfort, since all the big ones are up in the air.

I'm thankful for
1. The little Seahawks jersey I found at a garage sale for $1 for my little boy. It's like a 2T but I don't care. If they make it to the playoffs this year I'm sure my hubby and I will put him in it just for kicks at only weeks old. It was sitting on the table, on the top like it was just for me.

2. We went out last night. As I've gotten older I'm more able and willing to request exactly what I want. I used to see my mom do it as a kid and was so embarrassed by it. Now I realize why she did it. If you're going to pay $40 or $50 on a dinner then you want to enjoy it. So I called ahead and reserved a booth for us. They are always more comfy then a table cramped in a tiny space sometimes getting your chair knocked by others. God cares even about the tiny stuff because when we got seated it was one around the corner on the edge of the bar by itself. My man had access to a tv, he was able to watch college football and it was enough off to the side we could actually hear each other talk.

Sometimes when you are still waiting on the big things in life, for God to show you where you should turn next it's the little things that you need to focus on to remember how much He cares. That you aren't alone. Over the past several months we've gotten rid of a lot, cleaned out, paired down. Looked at what we really want to keep, tossed what we haven't touched in a year. We're lighter and there is still more we can do. We're month to month in our lease. We followed God's voice and stepped out of the one ministry we were involved in. It's been hard but the more I look around the more I know God's preparing us. My heart is ready for a big change, I can leave this place I used to call home without big tears or heartache. It's the beginning of something big.

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  1. Oh my gosh this gave me goosebumps! We've been there! Right on the edge of... God's plan for us! It's a very exciting, somewhat scary place to be! :)