Saturday, November 17

35 Weeks

A lot has happened in the past 35 weeks, more than I could of imagined when we first stepped out on this journey. Along the way I've been grateful God spoke through a high school student to reassure me months before everything would be okay. "No Complications" She didn't know what it meant, and at the time since we hadn't told anyone we were trying I wasn't in a place to tell her. Since then I have, because those two words have been such a comfort. The devil has tried to shake us and at times has but God continues to come through and help us back up.

There have been major losses during this pregnancy. Family members we've had to say goodbye to or watched others say goodbye to. A pet that had to be put down for unknown reasons. And several scares, a bump that turned out to be nothing after further tests and a blood test that came back positive for something that turned out to be okay in the end. In between cars have had to get fixed, things have been needed and not always have the funds been there. A friendship most likely lost, the best attempts look to have failed.

As we approach getting to meet our little boy I look back on it all not wondering why or questioning but almost thankful. I had to handle each situation well, I couldn't have a drink or eat crap or even cry too hard. Being pregnant I had to let the emotions come and handle them well so it wouldn't hurt the little boy growing and depending on me. While it would of been nice to not have any of those things happen, they did and we got through them with Him. Those two words reassuring us all along. In these last weeks we continue to hold on to them, to pray them back and are so thankful they were given to us to hold on to.

While truthfully I haven't enjoyed being pregnant, that also doesn't mean I'd change it. I don't like loosing control and being pregnant means your body changes without warning and without permission. You experience things that no one can warn you for because each persons is different. The woman that have pregnancies without sickness, discomfort and the unflattering stuff...well that's awesome. I haven't been one of them so I'm ready when it's safe for him, to get my body back. I'm happy we got pregnant and I'm happy and thankful he's healthy and almost here. I look forward to the days when I can enjoy him and not be dealing with leg cramps and constipation and a constantly stuffy nose.

I can't believe I only have 5 weeks left, possibly less. Now to figure out how to get the car seats in the car and what to pack, what little outfit we want to bring him home in. So excited for the cuddling!!

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