Friday, December 21

Constantly Amazed

This week God has poured out in buckets blessings that continue to amaze. I haven't exactly been faithful in studing or spending time with Him. Prayer is about the only thing I remember to do and even then lately it's been my own needs and desires not interceeding for others. This week He has given me the perfect example of a forgiving parent who just wants to spoil His kids.

1. My leave time for materinty continues to work out, I'll have full four weeks no matter how it happens with possibly more.

2. I had the energy thanks to Him and the blessing was upon me at work enough to work extra time over the first several weeks in December. The overtime rained out so much I couldn't do what all was available. So we have some extra and the hubby and I are able to get each other Christmas gifts.

3. A friend paid me for help I gave unexpected. The budget for Christmas gifts for each other went up.

4. Just when I was starting to think about clothes for our little boy for the future a co-worker who has a little boy brought me a large box of hamidowns. All 6-9 months, a few 1 year things. She says she'll keep them coming. I don't think I'll have to buy clothes for him unless I want to until he's into 12 month clothes.

5. A co-worker gave me a gift card that I will be able to use to buy my hubby something extra special.

Not only are our needs being met but our desires are too, to such an extent we didn't even know what to put on our Christmas lists. We had both been okay with not getting much if anything, having our little boy was what we both are looking forward to the most. All else is over and above this year and such a blessing!

This Christmas has truly been a year that i've enjoyed. I'm being impatient about waiting for this little boy but beyond that I'm not stressed about family plans for the first time in over a decade. Could be because we aren't doing anywhere day of or Christmas Eve. Just us at home together, we may be bored but not traveling trying to split time, I can breathe. Now we'll have presents to open too. Oh and the bank account has more than we ever expected in it. God continues to rain down and I am in tears just thinking about how less than a month ago we second guessed how we where going to do anything. He is always present and always with us, He never leaves us or forgets!

Sunday, December 16

New Blog and other randomness...

I started a new blog to separate my ramblings and venting from the things God's laid on my heart. This new blog I'll share via Facebook etc. while this little piece of cyberspace I'll keep a little more private and separate. Here's the link if anyone that follows this random blog cares to follow the other.

I'm six days away from my due date and still pregnant. I know firsts rarely come early but boy would it be nice. After what happened Friday my husband and I both just want our little boy out so we can hold and cuddle with him and not let go. It got us thinking about schooling options and what we would like to do. It hit harder than it ever has before because now we're entrusted to protect someone so very special. After hearing such tragic news all I want to do is keep my little boy home forever.

We're both approaching the beyond bored mode. Everyone it telling us to enjoy it and in some ways we are but it's hard when you have everything wrapped up at work and nothing to go back to on Monday. The house is clean, my hubby even scrubbed the carpets and sorted/cleaned the fridge and freezer. The things that are left neither of us want to do, they aren't even needed more just busy work than anything. So we wait to see what birthday God has picked out for our little boy.

Friday, December 7


I have to brag real quick. I have the world's most amazing husband. I'm two weeks away from our due date, working extra as I have energy which means being away from home for 12 plus hours a day and he's taking care of everything! He gets up and makes my coffee, packs my lunch and sends me off. While I'm gone he takes care of everything, cleaning, cooking, bills, grocery lists. Then he picks me up from the bus at night and has everything ready for me so I can crawl into a warm shower and then bed without lifting a finger. He packed our bag for the hospital, set out the clothes he thought I'd like and made a list of the misc. last minute stuff so we won't forget anything if we have a hurried moment to the hospital. It was all laid out ready for me to review when I got home last night. He's taking care of everything so I can do what I need to at work and relax for the few hours I have at home at night. He's not complaining about the little amount of time he gets to see me because he knows its all for later and is so understanding. People sometimes question or look at us sideways when they find out he's at home and I work. But the thing is he does just as much as I do just in different ways, if not more considering I haven't had to vacum (the task I hate the most) in over two years.  He knows the things I don't like to do related to house cleaning and does them for me, for us. This morning he informed me he was going to tackle spots on the carpet, if I would of been more awake I may have hugged him and not let go. He definately deserves the World's Best Husband Award for everything he does for me. I know he'll get the Word's Best Dad Award soon enough too!!