Saturday, April 6

The Next Generation

Alone I can't change much of anything but through Him, with Christ I can change everything. With a three month old son you start to look at things differently. You start to look at everything of how will it affect him, what will it do to him, how will it change him. Movies, T.V., music, everything goes under a microscope. Will I want him to watch this, hear this, repeat this. My words become that much more important. What will I pass on to him. What bad habits do I need to crush now so he doesn't inherit them. The fear, guilt, past that I don't want him to ever know. My hearts desire is to raise him as a strong man of God that doesn't fear or worry but instead turns to Him who provides. That my little boy would have such a strong relationship with God that he would never ever allow society to make him question his faith in God. So I have a small window to make changes in my own life before he is old enough to see and take on the same issues. I'm relying on God to help me make these changes and quickly! Each generation tries to improve on the one before. We take things from what our parents did and disregard others. Not out of disrespect but out of the constant desire to improve. I took a class the other day at work that talked about the challenges of having four generations in the workplace. It's never happened before. With it comes new issues and discussions. The biggest thing that hit me was I was in a room filled with people my parents age or older in a sense complaining about the flaws of my generation. I spoke up, I needed to make a point. Their generation raised our generation. They made the bed they know dwell in. Not saying generation y hasn't created enough of their own mess but we're shaped by who raises us and it's the baby boomers. It got me thinking about what generation y may be saying about my sons generation years from now.  The things that I was told that I will not repeat to him. How our world has changed from when I was raised to now raising him. These are a few things I want to pass on to him

1. Never take on the victim mentality. It doesn't do anyone any good. There may be things out of your control, but what is in your control is how you respond. Look to God and respond how you know He would want you to.
2. Your strong in Christ. You are a powerful man of God.
3. If you are following the Will of God you can do it because He is with you. If you're trying to go against Him and His Will for your life things will crumble. Find out His will for your life and do it.
4. God didn't and will never cause any pain, or bad. That's the evil in this world, it's fallen, the devil is at work and causes the evil and bad. God, if you let Him will always use it for good. Never blame God.
5. You are never alone, He is always with you. We are always praying for you.
6. We will always love you. We may not always like the choices you make, or support the things you do but our love for you is unconditional just like Jesus's love for you.
7. While we want to protect you and may try too hard to protect you even when you're older you have to make choices, decisions and mistakes on your own. There will come a time when we have to let go, know even when we let go, we are always here for you.
8. You will loose, whether it's in a business deal or a sports game. It will happen, not everyone can win in certain activities. Don't internalize that, take it too hard, beat yourself up for it. Instead learn from it, practice and improve.
9. You're tough! You can handle things because you have Christ to depend on. Someone may make fun of you, hurt your feelings, say something that is mean. Brush it off. God has a grand plan for your life, seek Him, follow Him, lean on Him. What others say doesn't matter, it's what He says that matters. Sticks and Stones...
10. Always choose God.

I refuse to pass on my fears to him. I refuse to let anyone in his life pass on their fears to him. I'm much more aware of people's words when he's in the room. What we do matters so very much more now than ever before.