Saturday, July 27

Why I Do It

How has our society become so perverted that something God created and designed for something so innocent is looked down upon? Over the course of the last six months while exclusively pumping for my son I've read a lot, seen a lot. I've come to the conclusion that those mamas that breastfeed their babies in public are wonderful, strong, and trying to normalize something that should never of become not normal in the first place. While it can be uncomfortable to see a mama breastfeed in public it's not because it shouldn't happen it's because our society has perverted breast feeding. The breast is associated with sex in today's world. This makes me laugh, God gave almost every animal on the planet nipples so they could nurse their young. It's natural, what do you think Jesus got, it wasn't formula I know that much. God made breast milk to be perfect for babies, everything they need. Just like with anything man engineers while formula isn't harmful to babies, it's not the best. I'm not saying that mamas that give formula are bad on any level, we had to use it in the beginning. Don't go there. Sometimes while formula may not provide everything that breast milk does, it allows the mama to be her best self for the little one which makes that choice the best for that family. Today, modern technology has allowed more mamas to give their babies breast milk that otherwise wouldn't of been able to. I'm part of that group, thank goodness for a double electric breast pump. I can give my little boy the best stuff possible, when nursing didn't work for us. He had a bad latch, among several other issues which made nursing a struggle, incredibly painful, and downright exhausting.While pumping can be exhausting, time consuming, and not convenient it's the choice I've made to give my little boy the best I can. The benefits are overwhelming, I've listed some below as well as a few thinks that I've found to support it them. Next time you see a mama breast feeding in public, smile, give a thumbs up but please even if you disagree don't be that person to say something. Plus... is she really showing any more skin than what we are seeing in the high schools or on the beaches these days...

For mom it lowers the rates of postpartum depression, obesity, and cancer. It also helps to regulate hormones faster, and get your mama body back to a new normal (chances are it will never be like it was pre-baby).

For baby it lowers the rates of obesity (into adulthood), diabetes, cancer (in boys as well as girls), sickness (ear infections to stuff nose). It lowers the baby's rate of SIDS, and allergies. It also can increase their intelligence.

For your bank account. At six months we estimate we'd be spending upwards of $100 - $150 in formula. Breastmilk changes as your baby gets older so the amount your baby needs stops increasing at around six months and stays the same 28-36oz. Formula fed babies continue to need more and more. At times taking 8oz in one sitting. No wonder people think having a baby is so expensive these days!

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  1. I have a friend from high school that I now follow through instagram and her blog and she's all about normalizing breastfeeding. I remember when I first had Allie, I got so many dirty looks when I said I was switching to formula, but when you're trying to breastfeed, you also get dirty looks, there's like no winning with people. Good on you for giving the best for James. :)