Tuesday, December 3

Scatter Brains and Bad Grammer

The end of November and into January will be a whirlwind of events. We got our tree up and most of our Christmas shopping done. It was great! We have four birthdays in January (my mom, hubby, little boy, and hubby's brother) right after Christmas which means I get to shop even more on black friday than most, to get bday presents for them. So much fun!

Chores and stuff around the house are being neglected like no bodies business. Instead we're choosing to spend time chasing our little boy and attempting to read to him while he tries to eat the book. I am definitely not as good as I should be about reading to him, mainly because of the book eating...hoping that tapers off with age sooner than later! 

My little bro has been amazing at cleaning up my moms house. I went down on Saturday and in between getting info written down for my mom and paperwork helped a bit cleaning things up. 20 plus years in a place you can accumulate a lot. It should motivate me to clean but it doesn't...go figure.

It's been a huge blessing to both of us, how much everyone around my mom and us have offered to help in various ways. One of those things that makes you feel loved like never before when family and friends step in and take over in certain ways so you don't have to worry or even think about things in ways. It's always in these moments you realize how good of friends and family you really have!

I still find myself wishing my mom would of found that guy that adored her and remarried. I found someone so great that loves me so much. I wish she would of known that, of found that. Things would of looked different now if that had been the case. Then again that would of come with it's pros and cons. Maybe it's easier with just little bro and I, maybe not. I'll never know. (Disclaimer: When I say it's just my little bro and I, that doesn't mean family and friends aren't helping out a ton, cause they are! We couldn't do it without them!! I just mean there isn't a spouse involved, that's changed things. I came to realize this a couple weeks ago as I was filling out the yards of paperwork disability calls for and it kept mentioning spouse or dependents...my mind continues to go there)

Today I'm home taking care of the little one as hubby feels under the weather and making dozens of phone calls to get all the info I need for mom's various paperwork. It's hard to have personal convos at work. I've learned taking a day and trying to get all the phone calls out of the way at home can be the best. So waiting for offices to open, little boy still asleep and have the Christmas tree for company, I write the random thoughts that are my brain today.

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