Friday, February 14

The Joy He Brings

The Bible tells us that if we believe in Him we grieve differently than the world. We have hope and faith that we'll see our loved one again, that this end is not our forever end.

In the past several weeks I have understood that to a whole new end. I have also forgotten that at times. I have learned in my walk with God that every day I must constantly remind myself of His promises, His plan for my life, His faithfulness. To that same end I've learned in this to I have to remind myself, to cleave to God and not let go or I begin to grieve like the world. I'm not saying I don't cry because I do but if I am constantly reminding myself of the promises of God, if I am in the presence of the Lord as often as I should be the ache and pain of loosing my mom is not felt. God removes the pain, He takes away the bad, and softens the memories of how hard it was the week after she passed and opens up my heart to remember the happy. He has given me the gift of smiles and laughter so soon after loosing her by truly taking the sting of death away. Its only when I forget His promises and let the devil have his way with my thoughts that it becomes painful and the ache of death goes too deep.

I know I still have a journey on this road called grief, I know the first year and all the first events will be hard to not have here there. I know the tears will come as they have so often in the last few weeks. The difference when you have God is that while tears come you are not hopeless. Depression from an event like this has no hold on you when you focus on God. I have felt that first hand, even though I am sad I can't bring myself to cry for hours or crawl under the covers and stay in bed for hours. God has given me the gift of hope in the depths of my heart and because of that, death has no power over me! I'm so grateful for God and all that He's done for me so I can claim that power, that promise, that hope! If you're grieving a loved one and you haven't given your life over to the Lord, find Him today, reach out and begin to follow Him and I can promise the sting of death will be removed because there is Hope in Him! I will see her again and I can't stop praising Him for that promise!

I wrote that a week or two ago now and I've had to revisit it often to remind myself that He is with me. I have a tub of paperwork sitting next to me to tend to. Bills that have come in and have to be dealt with, things that have to be sent of. I have to repeat the story over and over again. It's hard to be happy when the task that lies ahead of you is so sad. It's hard to find happiness after you finish a day of making those calls and doing that paperwork. I've been asked "How I do it, how I move forward?" It isn't easy but you put one foot in front of the other and do it because you need to, because she wouldn't want me to be sad, because where my strength is no longer His takes over. Praise God for His strength, I couldn't do it without Him! 

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