Saturday, May 24

Weekend Randoms

So many things I've had on my mind the last week I've wanted to write about. The experiences I've had with God, the things I've shared with only my husband, the toddler that now invades our apartment, all the things I want to do.

I want to be that mom who has her house together, crafts prepared for my guys to do while I'm at work, wearing well put together outfits, make-up on and hair done. The fact is I'm not. Most days I get up 30 minutes before work, brush my teeth, hair, wash my face and change into something simple that doesn't have little boy spills written all over it. I come home at night worn out, sitting on the floor in leggings and a tank top playing with my little boy, catching up with my hubby while he figures out dinner. Dinner's seem rushed and usually involve eating as quickly as possible so we can get James into a bath, pjs and then bed. At this point we both crash on the couch, barely picking up his toys scattered across the living room floor and watch some show before crawling into bed. This photo is a

perfect example of the pile of dirty dishes in the background. You see we don't have a dish washer so if we don't do dishes every night...this happens. This is the first time in I don't know how long I've gotten a chance to write. To be random and search the internet for nonsense. I spent last night in my little boys bed soothing him in between coughing fits. At 8am I tapped out, my hubby took over and I crawled in bed until noon. He's napping now, I'm on my second cup of coffee, the 20 oz cup kind not the 12 oz.

Cleaning has to happen at some point, the dishes need to be tamed, the laundry under control (currently overflowing from two huge baskets) oh and the large pile of clean clothes on our bed. The bathroom is in bath time chaos. Yet, it's a Saturday and quality time with our little boy is most important. We'll do chores in between train tracks and book readings. At the end of the day I've learned it's not how your house looks, how crafty you are but how much time you've spent playing and creating giggles. After all when he's older he won't remember the stack of dishes, he'll remember the road trips, park trips, and box fort in the living room. Losing mom and reflecting on all the memories I have of her to share with James it's not the clean house it's how she let us decorate our room, the sand candles camping, the special birthday cookie cause we didn't like cake. It's the things she made special even if they where dirt poor.

Slowly we are getting his big boy bedroom least he's napping right, even if it is on the floor and not his bed...oops.

I'll try and get back to write about the God things this weekend. 

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