Wednesday, May 4

Mother's Day

I've thought about this post for a long time now. Finally I'm jumping in. For the past two weeks I've seen and read comments from moms about how they feel disappointed on mother's day or how they are preparing themselves for the day so they won't be disappointed.

WOW! Can I just say how sad I am when I hear this, how frustrated I get and then sometimes how angry I get. Like downright furious.

First, why are we letting a holiday that I'm pretty sure Hallmark put on the calendar shape our emotions so much. Have we lost sight in how important the kisses, little flowers (weeds) that are brought to us and all the thank you mommy's mean? Have we lost sight so much in the every day blessings we receive as mothers we only count the one day a year as a blessing? Come on folks, choose to be happy, choose to enjoy your family. Please whatever you do don't choose to let Hallmark dictate your happiness!

I got one mother's day of being a mother myself with my mom. One perfect day to enjoy being a mom myself with my mom around before I lost her. This will be the third mother's day I have without her and it sucks.  I know I share this trait with hundreds of other women and I'm not alone in loosing someone far before their time. I wish I could say it didn't take loosing my mom to put soo much of my world in perspective but it did. My world is changed since she left us. Mother's day is one of those things. It's a Hallmark holiday folks. What my husband does or doesn't do that day... who cares. In the end I'm still here with my family making memories and smiling. At the end of our lives it won't be the horrible mother's days where we didn't get what we want that will be what we remember. It will be the smiles, the laughter, the memories. While this is mostly a rant, which maybe shouldn't of been written...for anyone reading this, I challenge you to choose happiness on Monday. Choose to spend the day enjoying your family, making the memories and moving on from the "Hallmark" of it all.